eCommerce Software Development

We help our clients build their own e-Commerce platform.

Keeping up with the continuous evolution of the e-Commerce industry could prove to be an immense challenge for any organization. Our e-Commerce specialists are always on top of any new practices introduced in the industry like AI, Business Intelligence (BI) etc. to adopt a data-centric approach towards understanding customer tastes and preferences. We will assign you a dedicated team to work on developing your e-Commerce website. We will devise a detailed development plan and add features like web catalogue, shopping cart, payment gateway etc. In addition to automating the traditional workflow of selling goods, we will incorporate sophisticated tools to facilitate data collection and analysis.


We will help you capture your target audience through mobile platform as well. Our experts will design and develop a custom mobile app just for your business with rich and user-friendly features. Your customers will be able to exploit the convenience of using the mobile app to find the information they need and make purchases.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Integration of customized BI tools to your e-Commerce site will be instrumental in gathering valuable customer data and interpreting the data to understand your customers’ needs better. Our specialists will consult with you to identify the information you will need to direct your marketing efforts more effectively.


Customizing marketing approach to target the unique needs of your customers will require the support of a highly proficient e-Commerce team like us. We will develop your e-Commerce infrastructure in a manner making it possible for you to target specific customer segments and deliver tailor-made promotional messages.

Operational Efficiency

Having an e-Commerce website also necessitates adequate infrastructural or IT support. The IT professionals in our team will ensure that there is enough bandwidth for your e-Commerce website to handle the traffic it generates without comprising on speed.

Why Choose MazeGeek?

Research focus

We deliver our clients exactly what they need by doing thorough research on both their internal and external business environment. Accumulating knowledge helps in isolating what is important and incorporate these relevant elements into the development process.

Industry experts

Having an industry expert enables us to constructively organize our research efforts as well as extract meaningful interpretation from vast amount of data acquired. Industry experts therefore help us develop more specialized software solutions catering your needs.

Highly Proficient Development Team

Our access to a huge reserve of local engineering talents gives us the strength to take on the challenges of developing the most complex solutions needed to satisfy our clients’ needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of resources do I need to engage?

  • You can hire as little as 1 resource from us to fulfill your need. You can scale up easily as your need grows.

Would it be possible to work on a pilot project before engaging?

  • Yes, absolutely! We would love to work on a pilot project with you. You will get to know our ability and we will be able to learn about the project.

What security measures do you have to protect my intellectual property?

  • We have in place NDAs, Restricted Access, Smart ID cards, Security Cameras, Firewall and others