Healthcare Software Development

We support our partners in the healthcare industry to develop highly sophisticated patient-oriented solutions.

The efforts of the healthcare industry are in the process of shifting towards quality rather than quantity-oriented care delivery system. Our role has been to assist healthcare professionals by developing smart solutions to adapt to this change. This would require automating processes, making it easier to access patient information and developing effective doctor-patient e-communication tools. To that end, MazeGeek can provide a complete spectrum of software development regime ranging from defining requirements to core development of healthcare-based solutions. The root of our success is the extensive research undertaken by our team which is then incorporated within the development process to ensure our software solution serves the purpose it was meant to.

Optimize Medical Center Operations

We are more than capable of devising solutions geared towards managing the daily operations or processes of a medical center. Our professionals will study the internal work processes, collect relevant data and translate it into actionable development strategy. This entire exercise will lead to a sophisticated healthcare solutions featuring automation of patient admission, storage of patients records on cloud, scheduling employees’ shifts etc.

Clinical Trial Management

Conducting clinical trials poses a huge challenge for pharmaceutical companies and require the support of highly advanced software solution. Our healthcare experts are well versed with the intricate processes of running clinical trials and can contribute immensely to developing customized software solutions as per our clients’ requirements. Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Trial Compliance Management are some of the features are some of the features that forms part of our Clinical Trial Management solutions.

Patient Record Management

We can help you in constructing a regulation-approved software solution to store, manage and protect your patients’ confidential records. Our developers will design the system such that you will be able limit access of sensitive patient information to authorized personnel only using our software solution. In addition, we will build firewalls or other safeguards strong enough to thwart any cyber-attacks from compromising the system.

Healthcare Intelligence

Processing raw data in the healthcare sectors requires powerful software solution. To meet your data processing need, we can build data intelligence tools from scratch with respect to your specific needs. We can therefore automate the processing of your collected raw data and convert them into meaning information.

Patient-friendly platform

To enrich patient experience, we can assist you in developing a framework allowing doctor-patient interaction online. Using either the web or mobile application, patients will conveniently be able to schedule appointments, gain insight into their current health condition, obtain e-prescriptions etc. Our engineers can help you to develop such a platform and make both your and the patients’ lives easier.

Why Choose MazeGeek?

Research focus

We deliver our clients exactly what they need by doing thorough research on both their internal and external business environment. Accumulating knowledge helps in isolating what is important and incorporate these relevant elements into the development process.

Industry experts

Having an industry expert enables us to constructively organize our research efforts as well as extract meaningful interpretation from vast amount of data acquired. Industry experts therefore help us develop more specialized software solutions catering your needs.

Highly Proficient Development Team

Our access to a huge reserve of local engineering talents gives us the strength to take on challenges of developing the most complex solutions needed to satisfy our clients’ needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of resources do I need to engage?

  • You can hire as little as 1 resource from us to fulfill your need. You can scale up easily as your need grows.

Would it be possible to work on a pilot project before engaging?

  • Yes, absolutely! We would love to work on a pilot project with you. You will get to know our ability and we will be able to learn about the project.

What security measures do you have to protect my intellectual property?

  • We have in place NDAs, Restricted Access, Smart ID cards, Security Cameras, Firewall and others.