Process Consulting

Weaving a well-defined process is an immensely complicated undertaking and requires streamlining a series of sub-processes and the work of various teams to ensure timely delivery of a high caliber product. Our process consulting experts are therefore concerned with identifying scopes of improvement in your existing processes and reshape them into generating more efficient outcomes.


Risk assessment

Devise a framework to evaluate existing processes

  • Investigate the current structure of development and other supporting teams
  • In-depth evaluation of the core software development life cycle and propose improvements to make the development process more efficient
  • Pinpoint vulnerabilities and risks associated with integration of your extended development team with the internal development team and recommend solutions
  • Create a detailed plan to effectively integrate the extended team with minimum disruption

Access to Project Management specialists

Our Project Managers will be at your disposal and you will benefit immensely consulting them regarding improving your current business practices

  • Marked improvement in the entire software development life cycle
  • Establishment of a more effective communication framework
  • Contribute towards streamlining the entire development process to ensure adherence to planned delivery schedule
  • Ensure professional caliber deliverables
  • Setup a comprehensive monitoring system comprising of progress reports at set intervals
  • Ongoing analysis of exiting processes to dig out additional scopes of improvement

Master the Agile method

Commit yourself to becoming fully Agile-centric development house and capable of adapting to continuously changing business environment

  • We will be your coach in instilling the core philosophies of the Agile method
  • We will pinpoint the critical paths as well as potential areas of improvement in your development process
  • We will assist you to formulate an effective plan centered on the principles of Agile methodologies to deliver on your value proposition
  • We will guide through the transition of successfully implementation of concepts like “Lean Principles”, “Scrum” etc.

Develop Leaders

Our program has been designed to harness the leadership potential within your internal team and transform into future leaders

  • The program will present theoretical frameworks regarding managing people and an entire team towards achieving a set goal
  • Mold potential leaders within your internal team and equip them with essential tools to be able to persuade and motivate team members
  • Train them to get the most out of their respective teams

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Agile Orientation

We will guide you in every step of the way to fully integrate the Agile methodology and its philosophies into your development process and increase overall efficiency.

Process improvement

We will make it our top priority to study your existing processes thoroughly and identify all potential sources of improvement and implement all necessary adjustments in order to inject more efficiency into your development operation.

Performance maximization

Our aim will always be to maximize the performance of your development team in terms timely delivery and high quality output. To that end, we will investigate every aspect of your development life cycle and effect all the necessary modifications to increase overall efficiency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of resources do I need to engage?

  • You can hire as little as 1 resource from us to fulfill your need. You can scale up easily as your need grows.

Would it be possible to work on a pilot project before engaging?

  • Yes, absolutely! We would love to work on a pilot project with you. You will get to know our ability and we will be able to learn about the project.

What security measures do you have to protect my intellectual property?

  • We have in place NDAs, Restricted Access, Smart ID cards, Security Cameras, Firewall and others