Technical Consulting

In the event you require external support in deciding the right technology for your project or products, our engineering professionals will be available to lend you a hand. You will find them to be more than capable of evaluating technology options, analyzing the associated risks or simply need independent testing of the source code among other things to help you achieve your goals.


Choosing the right technology

Determining the right technology has become an increasingly difficult task with so many possibilities to choose from. Not choosing the right technology could give rise to critical consequences down the line.

  • We will learn about your business requirements and perform a through and through analysis
  • Based on the analysis, we will create a profile of the type of professional you will need to get the job done
  • We will narrow down the entire list of technologies to a few that would be suitable for your specific requirement or need
  • We will ensure that the right resources are targeted and hired to do the job
  • Overall, we will help to make the right choices to maximize your chance of success

Auditing your Source Code

Process of ensuring that code written is up to par.

  • We will simply examine the overall integrity, maintainability, change impact and security of the source code
  • We will look for the signatures of best practices currently predominant in the market for coding
  • We will generate a report pinpointing the potential risk exposure and make recommendations to minimize those risks

Security Testing

Ensuring that the software developed is well protected not vulnerable to unauthorized breaches or external attacks.

  • We will scan the entire software to reveal or detect any form of weaknesses that can be exploited
  • We will take measures to identify structural deficiencies that can be taken advantage of by external parties
  • We will devise a detailed plan to tackle any attempt of unauthorized breaches or hacking

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Why choose MazeGeek for Technical Consulting services?

Thorough Investigation

Using our vast technical know-how, we will tirelessly work on guiding you toward fulfilling your business requirement.


Our experts will ensure that your endeavors are matched with right technological tools and the most sophisticated coding practices, so that the solution can meet the demands of modern users.

Integrity of Source Code

We will employ rigorous testing to identify any form of risks your code might be exposed to and ensure it is immune to unauthorized breaches.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of resources do I need to engage?

  • You can hire as little as 1 resource from us to fulfill your need. You can scale up easily as your need grows.

Would it be possible to work on a pilot project before engaging?

  • Yes, absolutely! We would love to work on a pilot project with you. You will get to know our ability and we will be able to learn about the project.

What security measures do you have to protect my intellectual property?

  • We have in place NDAs, Restricted Access, Smart ID cards, Security Cameras, Firewall and others